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About Us



AVILA STEM, S.A. it’s a 100% Costa Rican, family based business located in San José, Costa Rica, Central America. It was founded in July of 1975 by our beloved parents, advisors, consultants and friends, Mr. Edgar Avila Garita and Mrs. Ana Maria Chacón Rodriguez, whom still are the company’s main foundation.

They decided to create this company to provide industrial maintenance, given the growing demand for this range of services from different sectors of the economy, such as, coffee production, apparel, health care, hotel industry, etc. Our company started supplying efficient solutions for the maintenance of electromechanical systems, being able to optimize processes for our clients.

Towards the end of the 70´s, AVILA STEM S.A. had successfully finished important turnkey projects in both private and public sectors in the market of steam boilers using all available sources of fuel, such as bio-mass, firewood, bunker, coffee remains, palm oil, LPG gas, etc. establishing as one of the first companies to use this kind of technology in the country.

During the 80´s and 90´s, an important amount of turnkey projects where performed successfully such as industrial electro mechanics, sales, setups, installations, repairs and reconstructions of machinery, in fields such as electricity, steam, hot water, clean water, grey water, compressed air, etc.

Toward the mid 90´s, in response to the growing demand of the construction sector, the company diversifies into the market of water pumps, electricity generators, water heaters, air compressors, light construction equipment, combustion engines, water pressure washers, manual soil compactors, etc. During this time, our rentals department was created.

With the beginning of the 21st century, the company grows to offer a wide range of products, among them, normal lawnmowers, tractor lawnmowers, gasoline chainsaws and all sorts of internal combustion multi purpose equipment for all kinds of fields.


As time was passing, all children CAME to work in the company, taking charge of different key departments such as administration, finances, technical services, sales, etc. without loosing sight of the concept of “organizational family unit”, constant improvement and training. All united with the excellent work and effort of our professionals and a select group of collaborators that are a very important part of our organization. In this way, we have become and example of the family business concept and we promise to continue our evolution that has been a part of us since our foundation.


AVILA STEM, S.A. is currently composed of a commercial structure divided strategically and operationally in four departments, which have great importance in the accomplishment of our main objective, a 100% customer satisfaction:

  1. Machinery and Equipment Sales department.
  2. Spare parts department.
  3. Industrial maintenance and service department.
  4. Machinery and Equipment rental department.

Basically, this commercial structure division is focused in providing our customers an integral and efficient solution, centralizing all needs and requirements in our company, since the simple purchase and delivery of a spare part to any location in the country to the complicated study, design, supply, setup and installation of a mayor project using the modality of turkey, all with a 100% customer satisfaction.


“Provide our customers with an excellent quality service through integral solutions, covering a wide range of acknowledged quality multipurpose products in the fields of industry, agriculture, construction, hotels, general businesses and domestic.”


People passes and companies continue, however, when a company is constituted by a organizational family unit, principles and commitment to honor the legacy of the founders guided by God will always exist.

Edgar Avila Garita